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Christmas for Non-Christians: A Gif Guide

Popular media would have you believe that Jewish folk have cornered the market on ignoring the religious holidays towards the end of the year. However, my family and many other families took the Christ out of Christmas a long time ago (sorry right-wing pundits!) and celebrate mostly the cultural gift-exchanging and excessive eating.

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TV’s Best Original Music

Who doesn’t love a good musical interlude?

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: Pop Culture Phenomena

My wife and I are finally catching up on Breaking Bad. We are only half way through the second season. Our trip to Albuquerque kind of spurred us to watch it again. It is one of a handful of water cooler shows that I feel like I missed out on when they originally aired. In this […]

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Open Thread: Arrested Development


LadyGhosts of TV Past

Ladyghosts: Arrested Development – Pilot

The show opens out on a boat to meet the first character of the family; Michael Bluth. Overly professional looking he eagerly awaits the retirement of his father George Bluth, so he can rise and control the company in name as well as in work ethic. Calm and happy he awaits his father’s speech, until his mother, Lucille comes over stealing the moment; “Look what the homosexuals have done to me, Michael!”