Tales from History: Anne and Richard

Since we’re all still recovering from the Red Wedding and what not, let me share with you one of my favorite medieval stories (that is, this is about a historical event, not a fictional tale). George R. R. Martin’s works are based, in part, on fifteenth century England’s War of the Roses, which is my […]

Persephone Bracket

Fall Bracket II: Voting Day Nine, The Younger Games

Just when we’ve recovered from the battles leading to the Sweet Sixteen, it’s time to cut some more fabulous ladies from the bracket. 

New Show Recap

Recap: Game of Thrones, Episode 2.2, “The Night Lands”

I’m going to try something new and a little different this week: after all if you’re reading the recap I’m going to assume you’ve already seen the episode. So instead of summarising, let’s get speculating… (and fangirling).

Middlemarch Madness

Middlemarch Madness II: Voting Day 13

Today’s the day we narrow the Elite Eight to the Final Four. As with last year, the winners of these polls will be ineligible for future Middlemarch Madness competitions, so pick wisely.