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Ask Dr. Malyshka vs. Ask Dr. Laura: My daughter is a huge huge slut, do I have to babysit her kid?

True story. I’m a doctor. Not the kind that’s qualified to give professional advice, but if Dr. Laura can do it in good conscience, so then can I. The following is taken from Dr. Laura’s website, a transcript of a recent call: “Our daughter is a single, divorced mom of a three-year-old, she’s still living […]


Ask Malyshka: Sex after Baby

Dear Malyshka, Okay, I’m not sure how forward or revealing people have been in writing you for advice, but I’m about to get really personal here. I hope that’s okay. I know you’re not necessarily a sex advice columnist, but maybe you can help me out here anyway.


Ask Malyshka: Money Money Money

Ask Malyshka! Ask Malyshka! Ask Malyshka!  Ask me things, so I can answer them. Please. Until then, I’m going to get all up in your personal finances. —