Ask the Editors

Ask the Editors: Facebook Fiends

Dear Editors: A lady who is a very distant acquaintance (and I’m not “friends” with her on facebook) is using my deceased father’s photo as her Facebook profile image.


Top 5 Comebacks to Nonsense Questions or Comments

As a married woman in her mid-thirties, I get a lot of questions and comments about when I plan on getting to the baby-makin’. 


Editorial Masterbitch Theater: Is It Possible to Speak Rationally About Fat?

*Shakes magic eight ball.* “All signs point to no.” 

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: We Work Hard for the Money

Happy Wednesday! Today’s lunchtime poll wants to know all about what  you’ve done to make money. 

Op Ed

Ladyblogger Bored; Talks Trash about Ladybloggers

So says nuanced and demure ladyblogger Susanna Breslin, in her ladytroll blog post “Why Blogs for Women are Bad for Women” on Forbes. Prevailing Internet wisdom says not to feed the trolls, but some of them are so juicy and delicious, we just can’t help ourselves.


“They had it coming”: Why Your Facebook Friends Have Been Total Assholes About Japan

After the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, I was expecting a handful of ignorant Facebook statuses about “blah blah they deserved it because of blah blah.” (RedLightPolitics and I were even making a “media response bingo” card of all the stupid things people say after tragedies.)


Retail Ladyguide: How to Complain Without Being a Jerk

There are about a zillion articles out there that try to tell you, the consumer, how to effectively complain when you’re dissatisfied with something in a retail or service context. I’m someone who has been the drone on the other side of the counter for many, many years, and I’ve read many of those articles […]