LadyGhosts of TV Past

Retro Recap: Supernatural, “Asylum”

Two police officers get a call that some of those damn kids broke into the old asylum again. Once inside the place, they split up, as victims are often wont to do. One of the officers, Daniel, finds three teenagers hiding and lets them off with a warning. His partner, Walter, comes out some time […]


Movie Nights: Sucker Punch

So I went and saw Sucker Punch; chances are that some of you all did as well. Let’s discuss. Spoilers after the cut.

Pop Culture

We Try It: Psychonauts Game Review

Welcome to First Braining. Psychonauts is a platform game released on both console and PC a few years ago. I bought the game on GoG not long ago and finally had the chance to play it. Psychonauts is the story of Rasputin, aka Raz, who wants to join the Psychonauts, a group of special agents […]