PoC News in America: Beyoncé Edition

Are you not over Beyoncé and “Formation”? Welcome to the Beyoncé edition of PoC News.


Why Do We Need Ballet to Be a Sport?

In late July, the athletic wear company Under Armour unveiled a new ad campaign featuring gorgeous badass ballerina Misty Copeland of the American Ballet Theater. The campaign, titled “I Will What I Want,” immediately became the subject of much publicity and discussion all over the Internet. Countless outlets, including USA Today, announced it under the headline, […]


On Fallon Fox, Robbie Rogers, Jason Collins, Queers in Sports, and Me

The last few months have been awesome for queers in sports. Starting in February with Robbie Rogers announcing he was gay and then promptly retiring from soccer, sports stories have taken a turn for the queer. Fallon Fox came out as a transwoman MMA fighter in March after being threatened with being outed. The biggest […]


Sexism and the Olympics

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past week or so, you may not be aware that there’s this big sports competition going on between athletes around the world that’s commonly referred to as the Olympics.