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Recap: Haven, Ep. 2.3 “Love Machine”

Down on the docks (and I get that it’s a seaside town, but does everything have to happen down there?), the captain of the fishing boat the Maggie Kelly tries to get his hanging net unstuck. As he rummages around for a tool, the net swings over his head and drops a giant haul of […]

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Haven: Ep 2.1 A Tale of Two Audreys

Season 2 of the Syfy supernatural drama, Haven, starts right where Season 1 left off. Nathan, Audrey, and “¦ uh “¦ New Audrey are holding guns on each other. New Audrey calls regular Audrey a fraud, but Nathan’s not buying it. New Audrey finally agrees to put her gun down so they can take her […]