Badass Ladies of History: LOL Memory

When the Apollo program was working on the ship that eventually took man to the moon, the pocket calculator had not yet been invented. The Apollo 11 guidance system had a whopping 72k of memory on board, which is the size of a smallish .jpg file.  The men and women who helped build and launch […]

Just for Fun

Scavenger Hunt

Holy hopping bishops on pogo sticks, this has been a whirlwind of a day!  Not bad for our first day in the new house.  Sure, we went off book around 10 this morning and we’ve been bumping into stuff left and right, but I think we still managed to look pretty good out front.   Today […]

Pop Culture

We Interupt Today to Bring You This

Below the cut is the trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special.  I know my fellow Whovians have probably already seen it, but I think we can agree it deserves as many homes on the web as it can get.  Also, there are people who write for this very blog who have not yet discovered […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll 11/22

It’s finally lunchtime, no matter how much anyone’s morning drug like it was being pulled by snails.  Look at you, knocking those things off your todo list like a champ! You are glowing with productivity and awesomeness, and you’re owning the hell out of Monday.

Generation XX

Girl Haters, I Am On To You

If you are a woman, and you have no female friends, it is not logical to assume that the reason for this is that there is something wrong with every other woman on the planet. Most women are able to maintain friendships with other women, so it may just be eminently more likely that, if […]