Friday News Bites: Syrian Refugees, Oliver Sacks + More

Greetings, one and all. Quick roundup of news stories this Friday, though I invite you all (as usual) to share anything interesting that has crossed your path.


Revisiting BSB’s “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”

Sometimes we go on YouTube spirals of old movie soundtracks or club hits. Sometimes you just really want to relive those Pure Moods commercials.

Open Thread

This Open Thread Will Rock Your Body

I’m not a person who typically works out or enjoys working out or talks about her time at the gym, but y’all, I just discovered rowing machines and they are made of awesome. But you know what’s better than working out at the gym on a rowing machine?

The Daily Goodie

TDG: 3/9 (And Trivia Answers)

Good Morning all!  I don’t know about your part of the world, but I am looking at the start of a nasty, rainy, flood-watchy kind of day.  And of course there are errands to run.  Le sigh.  So to brighten my day, and maybe start yours off right, here’s some YouTube Goodness: