Mental Illness

Burning Out Is Not Better Than Fading Away

“Burnout is nature’s way of telling you you’ve been going through the motions; your soul has departed; you’re a zombie, a member of the walking dead, a sleepwalker. False optimism is like administrating stimulants to an exhausted nervous system.” ““ Sam Keen We’ve all been there. The job that we may have taken to escape […]


Quitting swearing — a quest for improved diction

There was a Bewitched marathon on this weekend and besides being hit in the face about 10 times an episode with the Stephens’ family’s 50’s values I remembered how much I liked the way Elizabeth Montgomery speaks.  She sounds so classy!  I bet she never swears.

We try it!

We Try It – Smudging

I see this move that my boyfriend and I are making as a fresh start.  I don’t know why since nothing is changing besides our apartment.  But I really want to take the opportunity of the change of environment to try to change some bad habits and negative, destructive thoughts and patterns.  Maybe that is […]