Friday News Bites: U.S. Election Updates, LGBTQ Politics + More

Happy Friday, everyone. This week’s roundup is considerably less disheartening than last week, but there are still plenty of serious stories to cover. Let’s get the current crop of GOP ridiculousness out of the way first, shall we?


The Numbers Don’t Lie (Except When They Do)

They say the numbers don’t lie, but there are all kinds of ways to distort the truth using numbers that might even be technically correct. 

This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny: “Iron-Knickered Feminist Lingerie-Arsonist” Edition

The world continues to be a horrible place this week. Let’s keep fighting the good fight, ladies! (Trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)


“Study Says Big Boobs Give You Cancer!!” (Eh, Maybe Not)

A study was released last week that claims to have found a possible genetic link between breast cancer and larger bra sizes. While it hasn’t gotten much coverage, most of the headlines I’ve seen about it make it sound like a done deal: those of us with large breasts are more likely to develop breast […]