Open Thread

Poll: The Worst Movie You’ve Ever Seen

I want to know what movies you absolutely loathed. What movies made you angry because you devoted time and/or money to watching them?


January Bites

I will defend to the death my right to hate January for no other reason except that I do. But, out of respect for you readers, I’ll provide some actual linkage, maybe some statistics, and a whole lot of incontrovertible proof that January is a bad, terrible, horrible, no-good time to be alive. 1. The […]

Pop Culture

Queue It Up: 10 Awesomely Awful Made for TV Movies on Netflix Instant

Netflix Instant, once the graveyard of fifty year old television, B-movies and PBS documentaries, has grown into a treasure chest of some of the very best AND very worst TV and movies can be.  This week’s Tuesday Queue features those golden nuggets of shlocky treacle, the made for TV movie.