What I Watched Last Night: The Rose of Versailles, Episode One, Oscar, The Destiny of a Rose

So Bastille Day occurred this weekend, and with all of the terrible news that came out, I decided to celebrate July 14 with a rewatch of the first few episodes of the anime The Rose of Versailles, which has only recently been released on DVD.


“Farewell, My Queen” by Chantal Thomas

Well, it seems as though I am on a French Revolution kick this week! There’s my post from Monday about Theresia Tallien, and now there’s this. “Farewell, My Queen” by Chantal Thomas tells the story of Marie Antoinette’s last few days at Versailles right after the fall of the Bastille on July 14, 1789.  The book […]

Pop Culture

Ladyghosts: BSG “Bastille Day”: The French Are Revolting, or At Least the Prisoners Are

“Bastille Day” opens with Col. Tigh falling off the wagon once again before meeting Tyrol to discuss pumping water off of the ice moon found last episode.  Since they must melt the ice before getting it to the ship, they need lots of manpower.  With this is mind they decide to send a party to […]