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Recap, Game of Thrones 2.9: “The Battle of the Blackwater”

This is, I think, the only self-contained episode since the very first one, and it’s written by George R. R. Martin himself. All the action is at King’s Landing, inside as well as outside – and there’s plenty of action to go around.. Trigger warning for mentions of rape and sexual violence.


The Fatigued Feminist

You already know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Being a feminist is freaking stressful. I can’t remember not being a feminist, but I can remember being less of a hard-line, radical activist type, and I know I was a lot less stressed. Of course, I also wasn’t nearly as happy or as personally fulfilled as I […]

Op Ed

Racial PTSD and Paranoia

A recent study at Penn State has linked discrimination with “racial battle fatigue” for African-Americans, essentially suggesting that African-Americans as a whole may be subject to a generalized version post-traumatic stress disorder equivalent to the strains of military warfare (see the Penn State abstract Discrimination creates racial battle fatigue for African-Americans).