Open Thread

This Open Thread is Dedicated to Our Lurkers

Hello lurkers! How are you? Are you having a nice time here at Persephone? I love lurkers, because I am one. I’ve been on the shadowy fringes of the Internet since before some of you could reach the light switch, and I have lurked in every corner.


On Optimism

Meghan’s post on New Year’s resolutions, in addition to being awesome, got me thinking about my own attitudes about the New Year. I didn’t have any adorably ambitious resolutions as a child, but I did catch on to the whole spirit of renewal that comes with a new year, at least in part.


The Royal Wedding and the Benefits of Escapism

As everyone has surely heard, Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to throw themselves a wedding.  I was surprised to find myself a little excited by the prospect of a big splashy royal to-do.  I think a little escapism that doesn’t involve speculating as to which former Disney starlette is putting what up her […]