This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny Found Some Sexist Pigs

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s time to learn about all the things that sucked this week! Hooray! Let’s talk about Miss America, the NFL, and why you really should smile more, ladies! Trust me on that one. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.)

Open Thread

This Open Thread Needs to Get Back on Its Bike

I got myself a bike a few weeks ago. Then, just as my muscles were starting to get used to cycling, the school holidays came upon us. For the last week, I’ve done nothing but eat and hang around like a lazy blob.

We try it!

We Try It: Biking to Work

Five years ago, I got a bicycle for Christmas. I had just moved to Arlington, VA, and told myself that I was going to become one of those People Who Bike Everywhere. There were bike trails literally all over the place! It was going to be a huge lifestyle change!


Who Invited the Vegan? Nothin’ Like a Coconut Cream Pie In the Face

Resulting in cheers and jeers alike, March 19th marked the annual Pies of March ride orchestrated by NYC’s direct action environmental organization Time’s Up!, best known for their involvement with NYC’s Critical Mass rides.  These rides are ridiculously entertaining and inspiring, but the continual ticketing and police harassment of participants calls for an active ridership […]