Pop Culture

Pop Culture Things You Didn’t Know a Year Ago

It’s 2013! So much has happened in the pop culture world since the beginning of January in 2012, and I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane. Just think, a year ago today, you didn’t know that: 

Open Thread

This Weekend Open Thread is a Binder Full of Women

And there’s a paper-sized Lisa Frank unicorn sticker on the cover. 


Political Memes – Symbols or Silliness?

Apparently, all three of the presidential debates can be summed up by one neat phrase or image. For the first one, it was “Big Bird” (as in Romney’s promise to cut all funding for public broadcasting, since it represented a simply unaffordable .01% of the budget). The second debate gave us the unforgettable “Binders of […]

You Complete Me Internet

Dispatches From Ladyblogland Have Hugo Schwyzer Feels

The ladyblogosphere is very small. You’re always running into each other at twitter parties and leaning to your friend going, “I can’t believe they showed their face here!” Let’s see who came to the party this week, shall we?


Women Finally Get Some Attention in the Presidential Debates (Plus, BINDERS!)

Looks like our complaining a few weeks ago finally got us somewhere! Not only did we get some love from Joe Biden at last week’s vice presidential debate, we got a whole new meme from this week’s standoff between former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. But like any nitpicking, want-it-all feminist, […]