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Dispatches From Ladyblogland: Entertainment Edition

Greetings, one and all. Shall we take a stroll through a few internet neighborhoods and see what’s been happening in Ladyblogland? This week’s feminist dispatches center around our entertainment.


Masterbitch Theater: Bisexual Invisibility

Though Huffington Post seems to be one of the few news outlets with frequently-occurring articles on bisexuality, I still found myself a little irked with a recent “Bi the Bi” column.


(Straight) Girls’ Night: Biphobia in Sex and the City

I wasn’t expecting to feel so vulnerable that night. The five of us were enjoying a “girls’ night”: on this occasion, a pajama-clad Sex and the City marathon. Though I find this show extremely problematic in terms of gender and racial representation–and especially in the equation of consumerism with feminist empowerment–I didn’t feel especially targeted until […]