PoC News in America

It may be summertime in the U.S., but the news never slows down. Come for a busy SDCC-related news roundup and stick around for a personal message from your PoC News contributors.

New Show Recap

Community: Blade of Glory

Well, now that a new episode of Community has come and gone, and I’ve enjoyed it, I feel I am emotionally ready to move on from being apparently the only fan who didn’t like last week’s “Pillows vs. Blankets” showdown. The world has righted itself!

We try it!

We Try It: Venus Bikini Trimmer

A few weeks ago I lost my Venus razor so I hurried out to get a new one when I came across the Venus Goddess’ latest invention: a “bikini trimmer.” I considered my options carefully: I could either buy the razor and trimmer set with no extra blades (and for a little more money) or […]