“They had it coming”: Why Your Facebook Friends Have Been Total Assholes About Japan

After the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, I was expecting a handful of ignorant Facebook statuses about “blah blah they deserved it because of blah blah.” (RedLightPolitics and I were even making a “media response bingo” card of all the stupid things people say after tragedies.)


Wal-Mart During the Holidays is the Fourth Circle of Hell

I decided on fourth rather than seventh circle because I’m trying not to be dramatic. The last time I was in Wal-Mart, three days ago, I got so aggravated after ten minutes of searching for tampons that I started tearing up and if it weren’t for the intrepidity of my partner I’d probably still be […]

Pop Culture

Chanukah on the Little Screen

Happy Chanukah, everyone! No matter how you like to spell it, it seems to have come pretty early, starting last night at sunset. It gets an amount of attention around this time of year disproportionate to its importance on the Jewish calendar, probably so that Christians can pretend that they’re more inclusive an accepting. I […]