Ask A Fatshionista

#RocktheCrop if You Want, No Matter What Anyone Says

A piece of disgusting body shaming disguised as fashion advice somehow made it past editors of Oprah Magazine, telling readers how to rock a crop top “if (and only if)” they have a flat stomach.

This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny Has a Black Belt in Gender Judo

Oh, what a shock, Congress is being useless once again when it comes to securing rights for women. And let’s all direct our middle fingers in the general direction of the Women Against Feminism Tumblr. Sigh. At least Thor’s a lady now? I’ll take whatever good news I can get. (As usual, trigger warnings for […]


Fat Shaming and Misogyny in the Opera World

On Sunday, prolific and well-known reviewer and critic for the Telegraph, Rupert Christiansen, released an article on Glyndebourne’s production of Rosenkavalier, and oh, is it a train wreck rife with body shaming and misogyny.


“It’s Just So Unlike You”

[Trigger warning for discussion of weight, body size, plastic surgery.] My husband told me this the other night when I brought up something I’ve been contemplating over the past few weeks.