Op Ed

OK, People, It’s Time to Calm Down About Target

Earlier this week, Target announced that they’ll be removing unnecessarily gender-specific signs and color-coded decorations from some departments, including the toy aisles and children’s bedding. Seems like a small change that shouldn’t be cause for any outrage, right? Alas, no. Target’s Facebook page is full of angry (and largely ungrammatical) posts from people vowing to never […]


PoC News in America

Congrats to our US-based folks! You survived Thanksgiving weekend, rife with awkward family tension, hot-button social issues, and Black Friday madness!


Cool Apps I Use: Buycott

I am a bit of an app addict. I have always been something of an impulse buyer and the Apple app store is a dangerous place for me if I’m not careful. Luckily, there are a ton of free or cheap apps for my iPhone, so the only thing I have to worry about is […]


Seriously, Amazon?

It’s been two weeks, and there still hasn’t been an apology or an affirmation from Amazon that they will tighten their self-publishing guidelines so that guides on how molest children don’t slip through the cracks.