Free Milk

The other night, my father, brother, and myself attended the premiere of the excellent movie World War Z. It was a good choice, because the theater was pretty dead due to the NBA Finals (seriously), and we had all read the book and are major zombie fans. We had to see it. That movie by […]

A Womb of One's Own

A Womb of One’s Own: Let’s Talk About Non-Gendering, Baby

Being a feminist and parenting a son are, for me, two equally important things that may not always co-exist peacefully. I am constantly questioning if the language and behavior used around him or about him is unfairly stereotyped, or if I’m pursuing a level of lifetime hyper-vigilance that is uncomfortable to maintain at all times.


“Knucklehead”: ROTFLOL Funny

My son received a book for Christmas. My mother in law gifted it with a disclaimer, “This is a hilarious book. You might need to read it with him.” As I started reading it, I understood why. I didn’t need to read the book with my son because it was too hard for him to […]

LadyGhosts of TV Past

My So-Called Life: I Call Her Red

If you watched this show with even mild interest during its run, then you remember the punch line that the title refers to, a nice little episode-closer that reminds us once again how endearingly flawed our protagonist can be. It was, quite simply, A Jordan Episode, but after a few consecutive weeks of dealing with […]