Growing Up With a Weird Brain

I have trouble remaining aware of my surroundings, and as a kid it was worse. When teachers called on me in class, I rarely heard them. Even waving a hand in front of my face and saying, “Earth to Bryn!” wouldn’t always snap me out of a trance. Trigger warning for talk of suicide.

The Frisky Feminist

Orgasms In My Sleep: How, and Why Now?

Q: So I’m in my mid-twenties and I’ve started waking up mid orgasm every week for the past month or so. And I don’t get it. I’ve never had this (I don’t want to say issue ’cause it’s kind of fun”¦) happen before. Not during puberty when that sort of thing is more common, so […]


The How and Who Behind Heroin Use

Last week, I was reading celebrity gossip, as is my wont, and I came across a blind item dealing with drug abuse and addiction. The topic sparked some interest (doesn’t the taboo always, though?) and off I was to Google the whole thing. As it turns out, it’s surprisingly hard to get unbiased information about […]

Public Service

Let’s Talk About Sex, Persephonies.

Dear readers, it’s time to get yourselves geared up for Persephone’s very first Sex Week. That’s right, an entire week dedicated to sex and what you have to say about it, because frankly, I don’t think it’s possible to talk about it enough. Are you excited yet?

New Show Recap

TV Recap The Walking Dead: Episode 5, Wildfire

The show seems to be settling into a rhythm with it’s episodes. We have one with a lot of violence and then the next will be at a lower ebb. This is likely wise ““ if we had episode after episode of midnight zombie attacks, the show would be just nihilistically oppressive. There has to […]