Totally Drug-Resistant TB in India

News broke a few days ago that there are several reported cases of totally drug-resistant tuberculosis in India. According to Indian news outlets, there are 12 confirmed cases. None of this is good news, but let’s put this in some context. Tuberculosis is a big killer and has been for quite some time. With the […]

Pop Culture

What Does Your Cable News Choice Say About You?

On Sunday night, I was at home, recording 60 Minutes while I finished working on a project. All of a sudden, my mother came rushing into the room, saying, “Turn on the television!”

Public Service

Have a Great Weekend

We’re heading out for the weekend after living making it through week two! I had a couple of questions about weekend posts, but as of right now posting on the weekends isn’t on our radar.  If we get inspired, you may see a random post from an overachieving writer or something on breaking news, but […]