Dear Old Lady Who Was Giving Me Dirty Looks While I Was Breastfeeding My 3-month-old at the Café Today:

Hi! My name’s Liz. I was at Concannon’s Bakery & Café this morning with my mom, my sister, and four great little kids. You chose to sit at the table next to us, even though the whole place was full of empty tables. We knew we were going to be a somewhat noisy group, so […]

New Show Recap: The New Normal, Episode 1.16, “Dairy Queen”

This week on The New Normal: Bryan and David visit some friends of theirs who have an infant, and Bryan is enchanted while watching the baby breastfeed.

Political Round-up: WikiLeaks, Tax Cuts, DADT and More!

This week’s smorgasbord of political odds-and-ends is brought to you by my short attention span. Plus, doesn’t it seem like lots of stuff is, y’ know, happening this week? It’s no ratification of a defense spending bill or passage of a long-overdue nuclear war treaty (hey, everyone’s too busy picking out the least offensive holiday […]