We try it!

We Try It! Going Deeper Down The “No-Poo” Rabbit Hole With Water-Only Washing

Remember two weeks ago, when I wrote this post about “no-poo?” Those were the days, huh? The salad days, if you will. The apple cider vinaigrette hair wash salad days, if you will. A lot can change in 2 weeks, let me tell you. Back when I wrote that post, I was really just dabbling […]

LadyGhosts of TV Past

MSCL: Someone Wants To Love You

One thing I’ll say for this show: they’re pretty good at switching up the tone from week to week. We’ve finally come to the episode that any of you who watched probably know as the “Rickie is Homeless” episode, and it starts off right away showing us it’s going to be an intense one.