The Daily Goodie

The Daily Goodie -4/4

Happy Monday, everyone! How were your weekends? I spent the whole weekend subsisting almost entirely on Cadbury Creme Eggs, so that’s what this Daily Goodie is devoted to!

New Show Recap

Recap: America’s Next Top Model, Episode 16.6, “You Can’t Spell ‘Courage’ Without ‘Model'”

Welcome, friends, to another exciting recap of ANTM, America’s Nastiest Toe Medications. I am your host, I. M. Masochist. Sit back and soak those feet like the specialist told you — we’re in for one toe jammin’ time!

7 Questions

7 Questions for a Witty Gentleman: Subject J

Today’s witty gentleman happens to be a Persephedude who is married to one of our staff members.  I got the email with the answers this afternoon and they gave me a chuckle.   Without further ado, here’s Subject I, being adorable.