New Show Recap

Recap: America’s Next Top Model, Episode 16.9: “Stuff Too Boring to Make the Regular Show. Oh, and a Virgin Sacrifice.”

Ooh! Are you snmassing yourself with excitement? Grab a cleansing tissue, Persephoneers, for I’m going to recap the clip show that you probably got pissed off at last night and didn’t bother watching. I’ve never actually watched one of these “hey, let’s slap some unused footage together and call it ‘never-before-seen’ or some shit” episodes […]

Op Ed

Former Dr. Wakefield: A Charlatan in the UK

One of the biggest stories on the web today reveals evidence of exactly how Dan Wakefield, former medical doctor and defacto leader of the vaccines-cause-autism movement, falsified the data he used to create the 1998 Lancet study which connected both connected autism and an intestinal disorder as a new syndrome and connected the root cause […]