Catherine of Siena: Rebel, Problem Solver, Foreskin Jewelry Designer

What… or who… is actually being maligned?


When My Grandma Called Me A Monster On Thanksgiving

I haven’t had the greatest experiences at family holiday get-togethers. I actually dread them. And not because I don’t like seeing my family but rather, I don’t like being in the same room with all of my immediate and extended family members at the same time.


News Brief: Stodghill vs. Catholic Health Initiatives

Nearly everyone on the planet has been subjected to the abortion debates. The slogans are heard on cable news, in church, at clinics such as Planned Parenthood and on college campuses. The idea that a child is conceived and is a person from the moment sperm meets egg is a central truth in the Christian […]


Reproductive Rights in Ireland: Part 1

After hearing some first-hand stories from campaigners recently, I decided, for my own education (and yours, hopefully!) to do a brief history of reproductive rights in the Republic of Ireland.