Ladyguide: How to Crochet a Catnip Mouse

Amigurumi look intimidating, but they’re actually surprisingly quick and easy to make, even if you only know how to crochet a chain and make a single crochet. Don’t believe me? I decided to make cat toys for some of my kitty friends for Christmas, and when the initial pattern I found had some confusing bits, […]


Catnip: Get Your Cat Blazed

Some wild catnip started growing in my back yard this summer, and I got pretty excited. It’s pretty easy to¬†recognize¬†because its smell is similar to that of marijuana. The leaves are fuzzy and it has tiny clusters of purple or white flowers blooming out of the tops of the stems. A member of the mint […]


The Grammar Bitch: The Case of the Errant Apostrophe

Oh, the apostrophe. No other piece of punctuation has the ability to inspire such rage in me. One might wonder why a silly little mark, taking up just the tiniest bit of space on the page, would make me so angry. Well, I’ll tell you why. Very few people seem to know how to use […]