My Gripe with Cell Phone Commericals

Have you seen the cell phone commercial that has a mom in the store with her daughter? Daughter is in the shopping cart, mom is looking at a box of cereal. She smiles at her daughter while the girl is oblivious, totally focused on the cartoon streaming to mom’s phone? The catch phrase, talking about […]


Etiquette: Turn Off The Tech

Everyone I know owns some kind of cell phone. Even at the elementary schools I substitute teach in, the students have cell phones. I think this ubiquity is a recent development.


Help Me Enter the World of iPhones

After years of just saying no, I have finally entered the world of iPhone users. 


News Appetizers: Ask for extra sauce to help the medicine go down

In case you are one of those TL;DR kind of people, here’s a quick summary: Trayvon Martin’s case is continuing to get people talking but so far not much more; things are terrible in the world, especially in Syria, at funerals, and for Susan Powell; some basketball happened; people won a crapton of money; the Republican primary […]