Switching To Pay-As-You-Go or Prepaid Cellphones

Let’s talk about phones. Should you be lucky, you can take a turn in a small metallic box and handle all your telecommunication needs. For the rest of us, we are tethered to little screens dangling from power cords that seem to grow out of our pockets more and more every year. What’s worse, you […]


Imaginary Conversations with Idiots: Live Music Edition

On Monday night, I went to a live gig. The support band was great – and the band I went to see was fantastic. But when I wasn’t singing along to the bangin’ tunes, this is what I really wanted to come out of my mouth”¦


Cellphones Provide A Handy Distraction From Our Need To Be Distracted

I’ve read my fair share of articles on how humans are becoming dependent on technology and how Google is making us “stupid,” but my experience living without my cellphone for two days last week was not at all like the ordeal these articles describe. Instead of finding myself hopelessly dependent on technology (and therefore useless […]