Friday News Bites: Philip Seymour Hoffman Tributes, #SochiProblems + More

Friends, with the wind chill, it is currently -40° where I live, as I type this. Notice I didn’t put F or C next to that temperature. It’s so cold that Fahrenheit and Celsius have met on a spot so low on the thermometer, it’s ridic that it even exists.


What I Watched Last Night: Chaplin

I am such a sucker for a good biopic. My favorite films include Selena and La Bamba, and I even love the fake ones like Velvet Goldmine. I still really want to see Lincoln before it leaves the theater here. Last night, I decided to watch Chaplin because it was about to disappear from Netflix […]

Pop Culture

Killing Time with Family: Netflix Instant Saves the Day

The presents are opened, the roast beast is but an afterthought, there are only two beers left in the fridge and your grandpa gives you the side-eye when you even start towards the kitchen.  Busybody Aunt Pollyanna just brought up politics and it’s about to get ugly.  What do you do?