Friday News Bites: Boston Olympic Bid, Free College + More

Happy Friday, friends. It’s more or less politics and entertainment this week, including a rare moment where I actually agree with something David Cameron said. Huh. I feel funny. Let’s get that story out of the way first…

Pop Culture

Sort the Stars: Uma Thurman and Charlize Theron

An alternate title to this edition of this Sort the Stars is “Blonde Actresses of a Certain Age” (my age, for the record). Both Uma Thurman and Charlize Theron have been in the Hollywood spotlight for years, but at times I still have to do a double take before knowing who I’m looking at. 


Pretty/Ugly: Young Adult and Tiny Furniture, reviewed

In part because I saw them within days of each other, I kept thinking about Young Adult when I watched Tiny Furniture earlier this month. I’d like to say I hated them both, but it’s not that simple. Rather, neither made me feel very good about myself, or about anyone in it, or really about humanity in general. […]