Bandaids Ain’t Options: Freezing Eggs and Facebook

Early last week, Facebook announced that it would be adding egg-freezing as one of its newest benefits for its women employees, a move that has eyebrows raised.

This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny is a Wee Bit Less Stabby Than Usual

After all, most state legislatures and Congress are on holiday, so they aren’t writing laws about my uterus this week. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of other misogyny in the news! (Trigger warnings apply for just about everything.)


Ask Dr. Susan vs. Ask Dr. Laura ““ Anybody who doesn’t stay at home with their kids is evil. Let’s be sanctimonious together!

Once again, I’m going to be tackling some advice that Dr. Laura has given (taken from transcripts on her website), and look at it from a different, less awful perspective. If you would like some similar not-awful advice, ask me! I am all-knowing. Except when I’m not. But mostly-knowing. This week’s shame-fest: “Hi, Dr. Laura. I […]


Women in Academia: Making Life Easier for Parents

Last week, I got a barrage of emails asking me to fill out year-end surveys about the various campus programs and initiatives. After several years working in psychology labs and seeing both how important surveys are and how often they are ignored, I have developed an intense guilt complex surrounding my interactions with surveys: now, […]


Ladyguide: Trapped in a Room Full of Children

Say you’ve chosen to supplement your income by substitute teaching. Perhaps you’re left in charge of the nursery at church. Maybe you drew the short straw at the family reunion, and instead of shotgunning Budweisers with Uncle Frank, you’re in charge of everyone else’s offspring while they’re shotgunning Budweisers with Uncle Frank. Persephone has your […]


Fasten Your Own Oxygen Mask First

I remember reading the oxygen mask instructions on my very first flight at five years old. You’ve probably seen them yourself, the “in case of emergency, fasten your own oxygen mask, and then assist those around you.”