Chocolate of the Day: Sex Cake

Yes. Yes! YES! It’s time for sex cake. A reinvention of sex cake, as it happens. Last time, the sex cake was an “I Just Had Sex” cake, a cake that celebrated sex. This time, the sex cake is an “I’m Happy With My Choices” cake, a cake that celebrates sex, not having sex, scheduled […]

Whoopie Pies from a box?

If you look up the definition of “impulse shopper” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure you’ll see my portrait. I’m such a sucker for those pretty endcap displays. Yesterday, my tendency to try just about anything that’s reasonably priced and displayed prominently at the end of the aisle lead me to this purchase:

Women in Academia: Specter of Doubt

I’ve spent the last few days in a funk. Maybe it’s the resurgence of winter following  a brief taste of spring, or maybe it’s the idea that I am heading into the big time research stretch that will determine my Ph.D and career, or maybe it’s that I haven’t been getting enough chocolate cake lately. […]

Daily Goodie: These Treats Will Sweeten Your Day

My sweet tooth is aching, so I searched out some pretty dessert pictures to drool over.  Happy Tuesday morning, readers! Hope today will be all that and a plate full of sweet stuff.  We’ll be here all day with all sorts of goodness for your brain.