Luci’s Guide to Holiday Small Talk

A few years ago on Christmas, my notoriously tactless and tasteless uncle spent the entire day making jokes about PTSD and shooting people to my sister’s then-boyfriend (now husband) who had served for a year in Afghanistan.  Fortunately for all involved, my brother-in-law isn’t one to get too worked up about social gaffes, but the […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll 12/8

It’s that time again! Lunchtime poll time!  We’re officially halfway through the work week?  Who’s excited?  I can’t believe how fast this month is going.  Is anyone ready for the holidays? I am not.  Speaking of, my sister wrote on my facebook yesterday that we need to plan our Christmas day feast.  I wrote back: […]

Pop Culture

We Interupt Today to Bring You This

Below the cut is the trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special.  I know my fellow Whovians have probably already seen it, but I think we can agree it deserves as many homes on the web as it can get.  Also, there are people who write for this very blog who have not yet discovered […]