Christmas vs. Weihnachten

I miss German Christmases.

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: Christmas Dinner

I’m trying to figure out what to make for Christmas dinner this year.


I did it!

Usually, I consider myself a pretty good cook. I’m not really afraid to try new recipes and so far I’ve never really screwed up. But last Saturday, I actually was worried. I had invited five friends for a Christmas dinner party and had told them that I would be serving duck. I have no idea, […]


Luci’s Guide to Holiday Small Talk

A few years ago on Christmas, my notoriously tactless and tasteless uncle spent the entire day making jokes about PTSD and shooting people to my sister’s then-boyfriend (now husband) who had served for a year in Afghanistan.  Fortunately for all involved, my brother-in-law isn’t one to get too worked up about social gaffes, but the […]