Hell is for Retail Employees: Open on Thanksgiving Edition

So, you think that retailers being open on Thanksgiving is a good idea. Oh, and that retail workers should be grateful for the chance to earn extra money, because hey, aren’t they making time and a half, and shouldn’t they actually be thanking their employers and the customers for giving them such a great opportunity? […]


Ladyguide: How to Survive Black Friday

I shopped my first Black Friday nine years ago.  Before then my opinion of the whole thing was something along the lines of “You’ve got to be kidding if you think I am going to get up before dawn to shop with crazy people.”

Gift Guide

Aunt Sally’s Holiday Guide to Nieces and Nephews: Gifts for Large Families

Three years before I became I mom, I became an aunt. My first Christmas as an aunt, in 2002, I had one adorable nephew who was but a few weeks old. Christmas 2003 found me an aunt five times over — I now had two nieces and three nephews to celebrate.


Mom Bloggers Aren’t So Sugary Sweet

One of the reasons I’m happy to be here at Persephone is that I am able to break out of the mom-blogger mold. Are you familiar with such a mold? It’s the one where the at-home or at-work mom blogs about her kids and life, about parenting, about marriage, and more and more frequently, products […]