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Dispatches from Ladyblogland Had a Good Week

This was week was soooooo good in ladyblogland. So good. See why.


Walks and Walkability: The Life and Legacy of Jane Jacobs

Today I’d like to discuss a remarkable woman who railed against suburbia, protected historic buildings, and championed urban spaces even when she faced opposition. Without Jane Jacobs, the landscapes of both Toronto and New York City would likely be drastically different.

Mental Illness

Caregiving: Going On A Date

Oh, Persephoneers. I have news. Epic news. Earth-shattering news. Not-exactly-life-altering-but-still-spectacular news. News which has, uh, already been given away by the title of the article.


See you in A2! A City Guide to Ann Arbor, MI

First and foremost, I feel obligated to warn everyone that I am not a travel writer. I won’t be able to “transport you to far-off destinations” or “allow you to escape” through my following city guide. I am, however, a lifelong Michigander and, more importantly, an Ann Arbor LOVA LOVA (Shaggy voice). Besides my hometown, […]