News in Europe

News in Europe: VE Day

Greetings, citizens, from the land that knows no spring (I’m *this* close to getting the phrase patented and internationally recognized)! It’s VE Day today (Liberation Day where I come from), so spare a thought for those who made this Europe possible. Meanwhile, its story is moving on, and like I said before, history likes to […]

This Week in Misogyny

This Week in Misogyny: Listicles Before Testicles

There’s not too much news to report this week, though what little there is still manages to be rage-inducing. However, I have a ton of awesome recommended readings for you, from listicles about ridiculous sex advice and the ignorant things people ask trans* people to discussions about doxxing and victim-blaming. Let’s jump on in! (As usual, […]


Adventures in Listening: Old-Timey Bluegrass

When I was little, this godawful TV show called Hee Haw (don’t look it up on YouTube; spare yourself) droned in the background as we visited my grandparents. I associated country music with unfunny comedy skits, and mostly, I hated it. At home, we listened to good things, like classic rock. The other day, though, […]

Op Ed

The U.S. Civil War, Slavery, and Erasing History

When Dances With Wolves came out, my dad gave the family “Indian names.” We all got them, but mine was the only one that stuck: “Much To Say.” This particular article started as a response to some tumblr posts and got longer and longer and longer, at which point I thought, “Fuck it, I’ll expound […]