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Doctor Who: 5 Fantastic Moments Since “The Time of The Doctor”

Eight months have elapsed since Matt Smith’s Doctor regenerated into Peter Capaldi, and for mildly enthusiastic fans like myself, the wait has felt very, very long. However, Doctor Who‘s effective publicity machine rolled on, and between the BBC and people following the outdoor shooting schedule, the rest of us could at least have a few treats along the way. Mild […]


Friday News Bites: Equality Setbacks, Health Advisories, Sports + More

It’s not too often that I have much to say on the subject of sports, but we’ve got a few stories of note this week, as well as some new hurdles to LGBT equality. Throw in some medical/science-y bits, and we’ve got ourselves a newsy roundup. Let’s get to it:

New Show Recap

New Show Recap: Doctor Who, “The Bells of St. Johns”

It’s a fresh new day in the Whoverse, with a spritely new(-ish) companion for our Raggedy Doctor. Let’s get to know her after the cut.