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Ladyghosts of TV Past: The West Wing, Ep. 1.22, “What Kind of Day Has it Been”

You know what’s more fun than watching The West Wing by yourself? Watching it with a friend who loves it just as much as you do. For this week’s recap, Selena and I broke out the blender, had some delicious snacks and sat down for a girls’ night in.

New Show Recap

Recap: Doctor Who 6.05, “The Rebel Flesh”

TWO WEEKS? We have to wait TWO WEEKS? Mr. Moffat is trying to kill us, and BBC is in on the conspiracy.  This week we had shapeshifting goo-born doppelgangers, the TARDIS got an acid peel, Rory didn’t die, and (as predicted) Matt Smith was adorable.