Honouring My Flow: Surviving A Menstrual Crisis

It was a dark and stormy night and little did I know what was in store for me when morning came and dawn broke.

We try it!

Consumer Goes Green: That Time of the Month

I feel like we have talked a lot here about the Diva Cup and its cohorts, but we haven’t spent much time talking about reusable pads. I’ve never been comfortable with tampons, and they have a tendency to give me horrible, doubling-over-in-pain cramps. Since I do not care for heinously painful cramping, I stick to […]


In Praise of the Diva Cup

Ok, this isn’t completely unfettered praise because the Diva Cup or Keeper or whatever menstrual cup you prefer to use isn’t perfect.  But, I feel like I need to defend the Diva Cup ““ or at least discuss it honestly.  The poor thing is the hairy-armpitted, Birkenstock-clad, Patchouli-smelling hippie outcast of the feminine hygiene world.