My Favorite Bisexual

Bi Visibility Day (aka Celebrate Bisexuality Day) was September 23. In fact, this entire week is Bi Awareness Week. I’m bisexual, so hi. And I want to talk about my favorite (pop culture) bisexual.


Avengers Redux: The Women of “Avengers Assemble!”

I can’t promise this is going to be what we call a “critical review.” None of us are here for a critical review, anyway. You’re here because, whether or not you know it yet, Avengers Assemble! is SO FUCKING AWESOME and everyone should see it. I’ve seen it twice already and I’m going again next week. […]

Pop Culture

Badass Ladies on the TV

What follows is a highly subjective, woefully incomplete list of some of the coolest ladies on TV in 2011. Despite my best efforts, I can’t watch everything, and so I’m 100% positive I’m overlooking an unfortunately high number of badasses. Don’t view this as an authoritative list (what constitutes boob tube authority anyway?), but rather […]