You Should Totally Watch This: We Are the Best!

Confession: when this movie was advertised where I live, I dismissed it because I thought the posters showed three boys. Meh, just another coming-of-age movie for the lads, I thought. I’ll pass.  Silly me. We Are the Best! is charming, funny, and nostalgic in a way that I didn’t expect for a movie set years before I was born. 


Book Review: “The Starlite Drive-In” by Marjorie Reynolds

Instead of being another adult reading a YA book, I happened to stumble across one not explicitly aimed at any age group, despite having a young narrator. Marjorie Reynolds’ The Starlite Drive-In captures the feelings of a transformative 1950s summer, one wrapped in family secrecy and yearning.

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An Education/Easy A

Coming of age is a classic theme.  It’s a topic of seemingly endless potential to explore and examine from every angle, and it has been tackled by writers and artists since we first began leaving records of our experiences.   In all the thousands of years of stories about learning life’s hardest lessons for the first […]