New Show Recap

Parenthood Recap: Season Finale

Oh my, fellow Parenthood fans. Last night, I was ready to settle into the show I’d been looking forward to all week, and instead, I got weather. My local NBC affiliate felt last night’s storm was too dangerous to go with mere cut-ins during commercial breaks, so they chose instead not to run the season […]

Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Trivia: Name That Slogan!

For those of us that came of age before TiVo, commercials are a way of life. The Mister and I have talked about doing away with “TV” and just watching Hulu and Netflix, but I can’t do it.  The television experience just isn’t the same without commercial breaks. Don’t get me wrong, I still fast-forward […]

Pop Culture

Super Bowl Commercials 2011: The Wrath of Ailanthus-altissima

So who watched some football last night? Well, OK, who watched an hour long game of football punctuated by 27 commercial breaks from kick-off to final down? I did! And if you didn’t but you still want to know what happened during the ads, stay here: I’ve got the Best and Worst 3 ads of […]