The Politics of API Women Sisterhood Building

I am all too familiar with the sense of competition that can arise among Asian women. One of my favorite Filipina studies/feminist theorists, Dr. Allyson Goce Tintiangco-Cubales, describes this competition between Asian women (Filipinas specifically within her writing) as the “Mall of Downness,” a belief that Asian women have an inherent sense of competition against […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: Board Games

Howdy do, Persephoneers! As we round the last corner on the way to the weekend, let’s make the journey a little smoother with a lunchtime poll. Nothing takes your mind off your troubles like pondering life’s great questions. Or life’s fun questions, anyway. Today’s LTP is more fun than profound, and you can find it […]


Fighting to be Relevant? The Competitiveness of Women

When I think back to my middle school and high school days, one of the things I remember most was the gaggle of girlfriends I always had surrounding me. Had you asked my 13 year old self who my best friend was, you would’ve gotten a list of names big enough to fill a garbage […]