Science Stories in the Digital Age

I like to ask scientists and science students about their favorite science stories. I have to admit that sometimes I am greeted with blank faces, a fact that stings my science-communicator pride. I use the word “story” because the most compelling bits of scientific information are just that – there might not be a strong protagonist […]

Women In Academia

Women in Academia: What Are Distractions?

Recently, I attended a workshop series that talked about how to be a more efficient and effective academic. It was not a waste of time, let me say that up front. These workshops can be really hit or miss and this one was mostly hit. It caused me to examine my worst procrastinating behavior ““ […]

Op Ed

Don’t Be So Sensitive: Derailing Important Conversations

I’m pretty sure all of us have been told at one point or another, after taking down someone who perpetuates any one of a sea of -isms, “Don’t be so sensitive.” When I was a kid, that cowed me. I was afraid of being perceived as weak and hysterical (ah, internalized misogyny!), and as everyone […]